General Use & Care

  1. Your KBC helmet is made to absorb some of the energy of an impact or blow by partial destruction of its component parts (e.g.- external shell and inner liner) and even though damage may not be apparent, the helmet should be replaced after any impact whatsoever.
  2. To maintain the full efficiency of your helmet, there must be no alterations to the structure of the helmet or it’s components.
  3. Full-face helmets are designed for use with a visor, and are not suitable with any type of goggles. Use goggles only with off road (Motocross) type helmets.

In order for your helmet to provide the maximum level of performance and service, proper care and attention to its condition and general upkeep is essential. Clean the exterior and interior of your helmet regularly. Use a soft cloth with mild detergent, using only lukewarm water. Never use gasoline (petrol), thinners, benzene or any other solvents or chemicals because they can adversely affect the shock absorbing inner liner and plastic components.

The comfort liner and cheek pads are fully removable, washable and replacements are available through your KBC dealer. Carefully hand wash and air-dry the comfort liner and cheek pads when required. When the comfort liner is damp or wet due to perspiration or rain, always dry the helmet and liner in the shade, gentle air movement through the material will speed the drying process.

VENTS: KBC helmets are equipped with many different venting systems designed specifically for each helmet. Prior to use, please familiarise yourself with the workings and functions of your helmet so as to ensure correct operation while riding. Always take extra care while adjusting any vent during your motorcycle ride.

VISOR OPERATION: Your KBC helmet comes with a special large operating tab to the left hand side of the visor. This tab allows easy operation with a gloved hand. Always use this tab to operate the visor opening function. This is the quickest and safest method of operation. Do not open the visor while riding at high speed as damage to the helmet or an accident could occur.

LUBRICATION: From time to time, KBC recommends that a small amount of lubricating gel such as petroleum jelly, or a high quality, silicone-based lubricating gel or spray is applied to the visor mechanism and any switch gear and vent mechanisms. Be careful not to accidentally apply any chemical or material to the visor or other component pieces.

HELMET SHARING: During its usage the helmet interior will naturally contour to the shape of the owners head, therefore it is not recommended that any helmet be worn by anyone else other than the owner.

IMPORTANT: Never wear any other head garment or dressing underneath your helmet as this can reduce the effectiveness of the helmet in an accident.


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