Sizing & Fitting

Your motorcycle helmet is the most important item of gear you’ll ever own. The most important aspect for consideration when choosing your new helmet is fit. In order to offer maximum protection, your helmet must fit you correctly. We recommend you try on several helmets before making your final decision.
In order to be safe, you must select your helmet in a size that fits your head correctly. This means the helmet must fit snugly (tightly, but comfortably), making contact with most parts of your head. If it is too large, it will move around excessively on your head. If it is too small it will cause constriction and discomfort, which could lead to headaches or a lack of concentration while riding. To test the sizing, put the helmet on and shake your head left and right. Then shake your head forward and backward. If it slips easily in any direction, the size is not the correct one for you. Try to turn the helmet with your hands. With the helmet on, rotate the helmet from side to side, observing the movement of your skin in relation to the helmet. Helmet fitting is correct when skin movement and helmet movement is nearly the same.

IMPORTANT: Rotational Test.

The most important test is to ensure that the helmet remains on your head in the event of an impact. To perform this test, first fit the helmet correctly and fasten the strap snugly. Then using your hands, attempt to lift from the rear of the neck area and try to roll the helmet off your head. Make sure this can not be achieved, and that the helmet remains tightly fixed to your head and that the strap prevents the helmet from coming off your head.


  • No helmet can protect the user against all foreseeable impacts.
  • For maximum protection, the helmet must provide adequate peripheral vision.
  • All retention straps (chin straps) must be securely fastened.
  • The helmet can be seriously damaged by some common substances with damage being invisible to the user.  Apply only mild soap and water for cleaning.
  • Make no modifications to the helmet. If the helmet experiences a severe blow, please replace it.








6 3/4 – 6 7/8

7 – 7 1/8

7 1/4 – 7 3/8

7 1/2 – 7 5/8

7 3/4 – 7 7/8


21.7 – 22

22.4 – 22.8

23.2 – 23.6

24 – 24.4

24.8 – 25.2


55 – 56

57 – 58

59 – 60

61 – 62

63 – 64

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