• Where can I buy KBC Helmets?
    • KBC Helmets are available through our network of global importers and their dealers. A list of those importers and their contact details is available on this website, along with a handy Dealer Locator tool, to help you find your local dealer.
  • Is it possible to buy KBC helmets via this website?
    • The most important aspect for consideration when choosing your new helmet is fit. In order to offer maximum protection, your helmet must be the correct fit. A trained dealer will help ensure that you select the correct size helmet. This important requirement renders safety helmets unsuitable for sale via the Internet.
  • Where can I find information about pricing and availability of KBC Helmets and accessories?
    • Please contact our importer in your country for information about pricing and availability of KBC Helmets and accessories. A list of those importers and their contact details is available on this website. Your local dealer will also be able to advise you.
  • Sponsorship
    • KBC provides racing support & sponsorship through its network of global importers. If you are looking for sponsorship, please contact your local importer for details of their sponsorship program. Due to the overwhelming number of sponsorship applications received each year, our importers can’t help all riders.
  • What approval standard is required in Europe.
    • In all European countries, the technical approval standard accepted is Regulation 22 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which is currently in its fifth amendment. This standard is commonly referred to as ECE 22-05 (or ECE R 22-05). Certain European countries also accept regulations other than ECE, however these regulations are only valid within their own national territory. All other global standards, regardless of validity in other countries (such as SNELL, DOT, AS, JIS etc.), are not valid within Europe, and thus are not accepted for use on public roads within Europe.
  • How can I check to see if my helmet is approved to ECE 22-05.
    • All KBC helmets produced for the European market meet the ECE 22-05 standard. The standard requires that every helmet has a label stitched to the retention system (i.e. the chinstrap).  The label displays the homologation mark (upper case E, followed by a number, surrounded by a circle), homologation number, a reference to the type of helmet, and a production serial number. For example: E4 05 1234 /P 54321.
      1. (E4) = Code for country who granted homologation. e.g. E4 = Netherlands, E1 = Germany.,
      2. 05 = Current test standard.
      3. 1234 = homologation number.
      4. /P = Type of helmet. Most common e.g. /J = Jet, /P = full face.
      5. 54321 = Manufacturers production serial number.
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