Research & Development:
KBC is constantly studying and researching future helmet design, in order to bring to the rider the very latest styles, the highest quality standards and the very latest improved features.

Design & Styling:
KBC has a large team of highly qualified and experienced designers including motorcycle and automotive industrial designers and stylists.

Engineering & Technology:
KBC engineers and technical designers use state-of-the-art computer aided design systems, which enable us to create and produce the most precision made components and products. Our production facilities include the most advanced and modern manufacturing methods and materials available.

Testing, Manufacturing & Quality Control:
All KBC helmets are thoroughly tested and evaluated during the development process in order to meet and exceed all leading safety standards around the world. KBC has extensive testing laboratories throughout our manufacturing facilities. During every stage of production strict quality control systems are employed to ensure that every KBC helmet reaches the highest standard of manufacturing quality.

IMPORTANT: KBC helmets are approved to the world’s highest safety standards including: ECE R 22.05, SNELL, DOT, AS. Check with your local Importer or dealer for details of the correct standard for your market. (For European use, your helmet must comply with ECE R 22.05 standard)