About KBC

For the past 20 years, KBC has been manufacturing top quality motorcycle helmets and become one of the fastest growing helmet manufacturers throughout the world.

Our highly experienced R&D team, stylists, engineering technologists, manufacturing experts and test lab technicians work together as a seamless and fully integrated team with a shared and clear focus which means that no other helmet looks or feels like a KBC; because no other helmet brand is created in the same way as a KBC.

Every KBC helmet is precision engineered to deliver supreme comfort, outstanding fit and unrivaled performance. Our attention to detail and an intensive development program ensure that all KBC products meet and exceed industry safety standards and legislation.

With our Head Office in California USA, key European office in UK overseeing distribution throughout Europe and an office in S. Korea to handle distribution throughout South East Asia, KBC is a leading global player in highly desirable yet still very affordable helmets where safety and style go hand in hand.
Whilst KBC has become world renowned for starting trends and fashions in the way helmets look, combining stunning graphics with the latest technological developments design in its wider sense is about much more than just eye candy.

Decide to invest in a KBC helmet and you are buying a unique piece of safety equipment from the World’s most innovative helmet manufacturer.

Why ‘The Design Edge’?

In practical terms, ‘The Design Edge’ is a philosophy of new product development that delivers the perfect balance between cutting edge technology and style, which you simply cannot get elsewhere

‘The Design Edge’ gives KBC riders a competitive edge every day whether in on the road with street or scooter wear or in sports on the tarmac, track or in the dirt and beyond into cycling and winter sports such as bobsled.

Applying ‘ The Design Edge’ philosophy has enabled KBC to deliver many industry firsts. For instance, we were the first helmet company to offer chrome and matt finish helmets, both incredibly difficult production processes pioneered by KBC, and subsequently copied by everyone else.

We are always looking to incorporate and combine practical features such as our “Perfect-Seal” ratcheting system which ensures a proper closure each time the visor comes down and our “One-Touch” visor release system.

As our motorcycling adverts say, ‘only fans should notice helmets’ and our scooter adverts stylishly state, KBC helmets ‘turn heads in the city’. Look on-line or go into any motorcycle helmet store, and you’ll instantly notice KBC helmets are immediately identifiable with original shell styles, striking graphics and vibrant colours giving real ‘stand out’ from the crowd. Even if you cover up the KBC logo you’ll still know it’s a KBC helmet – try it!

So whether you’re looking for a performance edge, a competitive edge, an innovative edge or a quality edge, the best way to guarantee that is to get the perfect blend of form and function, get ‘The Design Edge’ from KBC.