Helmet Composites

Advanced Ultralite Tri-Comp Technology

KBC’s highest level of shell technology. A unique blend of state of the materials; Our Ultralite Tri-Comp Technology uses a mixture of Carbon, Kevlar and Fibreglass. Blended together using the revolutionary “pre-preg” bag moulding process, provides supreme consistency in shell thickness, resulting in an Ultralite shell.
Currently used on: Pro-X.

Advanced Tri-Composite Shell

KBC’s own track proven advanced formula of mixed composite materials (Carbon, Kevlar & Fibreglass), blended with impact resistant epoxy resins and produced using and Advanced Vacuum Lamination system of extreme heat and pressure. The manufacturing process ensures accuracy in shell thickness, durability and a lightweight helmet.
Currently used on: VR-2R & Magnum.

Advanced Composite Fibre Shell

Hand laid blend of the finest materials available in the fibre industry. Thermo moulded POLYSKIN outer shell with impact resistant epoxy resins, and bag moulding accuracy. Water jet finished for supreme quality. Extreme anti-penetration and shock absorbent performance. Outperforms all required worldwide testing.
Currently used on: XP-3, VR-1X & Super-XF.

Thermo Alloy Resin Shell

An advanced formula of Thermo Alloy resin materials. Thermo injected for absolute accuracy of shell thickness and durability. Fully solvent resistant.
Currently used on: Force RR, Tarmac, OSR, OFS & DRT-X.